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Jluggage.Com Unveils The Reasons Why Japan Is Called “Japan” While The Japanese Call It “Nippon”

The land of rising sun, Japan, is an attraction to the rest of the world. Since the days the country was introduced to the western world as the land of gold, the western countries have been curious to explore Japan.

It will be interesting to know as to how the Japanese people call their country. Contrary to the rest of the world, Japanese people call the country “Nippon”. This term is present in the English as well as Japanese dictionary and the meaning is exactly the same.

Individuals, accustomed with the Japanese language will be aware of the fact that it employs a different style of characters. An important component of the Japanese language is Chinese characters. These characters are the *ideogram* that has reference to the meaning while the alphabets stand as the representations of the sound.

As per these special characters, Nippon has reference to the day or the sun. Another reference is that for the term “origin”. Japan lies towards the east from China and hence, the Chinese people consider Japan as the point of origination for the Sun. Actually, it is the Chinese people who first tagged the name Ji-Pang during the middle ages. This nomenclature got popularized in the western world by Marco Polo. Afterward, “the land of rising sun” got better known to the rest of the world by the name “Japan”.

People from outside of Japan often wonder why Japan is called Japan while almost no Japanese people can explain the reason. Well, there is a reasonable reason for it and the article on the web page will explain it.

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