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Sponsor The Boxing And Wrestling Teams In The Anatolians Massage Therapies

The Anatolians are a very alternative holistic approach of massage and physiotherapy, they are considered to be traditional, thus same gender therapist is applied to their recipient. The massage style is totally male style especially the martial arts massage therapy that is ashiatsu type of massage. The martial arts in Greece from Pagration (kick boxing) to GrecoRoman wrestling or Greek wrestling (Pehlivan oil wrestling style) are very male style sports. They require an explosive body energy and good energy massage physio treatment so as the body to be operational. The Anatolians are proud to sponsor the Boxing teams, wrestling teams in Greece, provide therapies, support the media and be there in the sports field close to the Athletes.

Therapeutic massage can benefit boxers and martial artists. Most every boxer or martial artist will “over do it” when they are training to learn their sport. By pushing himself too hard while in the gym or while doing their roadwork.. The individual may do it on purpose or by simply not paying attention to the warning signs given off by their bodies. Most serious boxers and martial artists require from themselves the ability to recover more quickly from strenuous workouts.

These symptoms would include muscle soreness, whether it is the delayed onset type of soreness or soreness that occurs during your workouts. Muscle and/or joint pain, muscle fatigue and muscle spasms may occur. Joint mobility may decrease leading to a loss of range of motion. To combat these warning signs and symptoms the boxer or martial artist must incorporate concrete tested methods into their workout regimen.

If you are a boxer, a wrestler or a martials arts practitioner do not want to “hit the wall” pertaining to your training efforts and progression, you must allow for sufficient rest periods in between your workouts. Moreover the massage senssion should be deep tissue like and special herbs should be used for pain release and the smart fast muscle recovery. Correct musculoskeletal function is the successful dynamic relationship between structure and function of the human body. Just as structure governs function, similarly, function governs structure. Musculoskeletal dysfunction on the other hand, is an interruption or lesion that results in the inability for the body to perform a movement correctly and efficiently.

Muscle fibers pay a price each time we exercise. The muscle fibers are microscopically damaged when working out. Whether it is the soreness we feel in our shoulders when we use the speed bag or the soreness we feel in your quadriceps and hamstrings when we are doing squat type exercises.

During rest periods body repairs and rebuilds the muscle fibers. Actually this happens during the sleep as the melatonine hormone is released and body repair takes place. Range of motion should return to normal or show some signs of improvement due to the muscles now allowing greater joint mobility. If the proper amount of time in the resting state is not allowed, workouts will pay the price.

The major strokes that Anatolians Therapies for boxers use during post-event massage sessions are petrissage, effleurage and possibly strain-counter strain techniques. Light compression and light and gentle stretching as well as some jostling and light and gentle vibration can be used in post-event massage sessions.

Be aware that a post-event massage session is a calming of the body type session. It is directly opposite of a session that uses heavy or deep strokes and incorporates fast paced movements prior a sports event. These movements would excite the nervous system and are performed in preparation for an event or competition. The Anatolians also use a preparation method resembles to Ashiatsu feet massage. This prepares the Athlete`s body and performed for two weeks. Then the athlete becomes strong and explosive. The method is ideal for explosive speed for boxers and martial arts. Same massage techniques can be found in India Martial Arts Training camps.

Deep relaxation can be induced and muscular spasms can be relieved with Hypericum herb. And mildly high blood pressure can be temporarily reduced. Also constrictions and adhesions can be reduced or prevented as the injured muscle tissue heals.

Any boxer and martial artist, as well as other athletes and people who work at jobs to support themselves and their families, can benefit from therapeutic massage. The Anatolians concider martial arts a traditional occupation and use a traditional approach to the matter. Competitors in sports as well as everyday workers need to follow some simple steps. Listen to what your body is saying to you. Your body by far is the best computer known to man. Listen to it and you will be able to measure your levels of effort, response, stresses and progression. If you don’t listen to your body and heed its warning signals, you are sure to suffer the consequences.

So do your homework and listen to your body when you are doing the activity you love the most. Anatolians bring a very new alternative approach to sports massage training. If you’re a boxer or athlete of any sport, and you feel that you’d benefit from sports massage therapy, not just once, but as part of the bigger picture, to help you perform at your healthiest, safest, and most successful, whilst preventing pain, injury and dysfunction, please visit this page about the Anatolians offer an alternative sports and holistic solution based on Ancient Greek remedies which can be useful  and fun. For more details, please visit http://www.orientalmassage.gr/


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