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Roofscooter.Com Offers All Relevant Information About The Popular 3 Wheeled Covered Scooter

New automobiles and motors are emerging with every passing! For the automobile lovers and ardent followers, that have noticed the 3 wheeled covered scooters which comes with a windshield and roof and want to know more about this distinctive looking vehicle, have a source from where they can have all the crucial know-how about it and make their final buying decision. This is where RoofScooter, a web portal that is dedicated on this auto which appeared in the American vehicle market first in 2009, has to offer to interested buyers and scooter lovers and collectors.

RoofScooter offers every single data that one needs to know about this 3 wheeled scooter. This vehicle was purchased by a company in Los Angeles post their initial arrival and then got sold under the name Automoto. This scooter variant makes use of a “4 stroke carbon copied GY6 Honda engine”, as described by the Gadget Review Magazine! The USP of this covered trike, as it is called sometimes is that it has 2 seats in the back and 1 in the front. The vehicle has a good speed on 150cc and is approximately 60 mph. Perfect to be used to run everyday errands, this scooter comprises of a trunk that can carry a couple of bags from groceries and has space for two individuals with arm resting allowance.

That’s not all. This advanced scooter with roof also comprises of mp3 players, speakers, an auto CVT transmission, an anti-theft alarm system, rear drum break and a front disc break.

About RoofScooter
RoofScooter is a great platform of knowledge about the Automoto, which is the 3 wheeled covered Scooter that arrived in the American scooter vehicle arena for the first time in 2009. The site provides informative details about this vehicle and has enhanced the reading experience with pictures and interesting facts and posts to update Automoto lovers about the vehicle, encouraging them to upgrade to this vehicle and become a part of the RoofScooter family.

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