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Hi-Tech Material Company Offers One-Stop Solution To The Quest For The Graphite And Carbon Composite Products

Beijing, China (July 03, 2016) - A part of the respected Carbon group, the Hi-Tech Material company holds trust, reliance and respect in the international market as the manufacturer of various graphite and carbon composite products.

This company dedicates itself in the production of graphite felt, graphite products as well as composite items. Recently, the company started producing structures made with graphite materials. This company produces extensive types of 2D, 3D as well as 4D carbon composites. The product portfolio includes the carbon composite mold, composite heater insulation bolt nuts,  and screw studs. One can approach the company for products like Pan & rigid graphite felt, pyrolytic graphite and Rayon graphite. Hence, one can say that Hi-Tech Material company has a one-stop solution to the quest for the graphite, felt and carbon felt composite products.

This company offers Chinese graphite as well as the materials, coming overseas from Japan. The company sources top class raw materials from the US and France as well. The company has the competency to machine products like graphite rods & blocks, pipes, boats as well as graphite crucibles. The product portfolio includes graphite heating applications, silicon thermal field, and vacuum heating furnace. This company can develop various customized applications as per the requirements of its clients.

The  Hi-Tech Material company  holds state-of-art manufacturing facilities and it adopts with modern technology and manufacturing methodologies. Aside, the company has got an experienced and skilled workforce that enables it to produce the best grade products.

“Modern Technology, skill & expertise, and reliable products are the virtues that segregate us from the competitors. We are a highly innovative company and customer satisfaction is the prime objective of our business. Our mission is to provide the  best grade of products at reasonable price and delight the customers with our exceptional services” stated the spokesperson.

About Hi-Tech material Company  Ltd.
The Hi-Tech material Company  Ltd. Is a unit of the carbon group and it is a leading Chinese manufacturer and exporter of Graphite and carbon composite products. For more details, please visit http://www.htmagroup.com/graphite/

Media Contact:
Hi-Tech material Company  Ltd.
No.1, Xingmao Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing 100176, China.
Post code: 100176
Fax: +86 10 80828912
Marketing center: +86-17701349487
Email: sales@htmagroup.com
Website: www.htmagroup.com


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