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Eatpos, The Most User Friendly EPOS System For The Retail And Hospitality Industries

Leicester, UK, (July 05, 2016) - The retail industry uses a wide range of electronic gadgets and technical equipments that help in processing payments as well as generating and printing bills. One of these systems is the EPOS or the Electronic Point of Sales systems that is extensively used in the hospitality and retail sectors. Getting well develop EPOS systems for hospitality and retail can not only help a company to improve the efficiency of its accounting requirements but also help in serving clients in a more professional manner.

The eatPOS is a highly efficient EPOS system that offers a wide range of benefits such as efficient stock management, improved back office reporting and easy access to metrics from eatPOS cloud. The all new eatPOS starts from just £799 which makes it a cost convenient program for long term retail processing needs. This EPOS system is perfectly integrated with online ordering, waiter pads, LCD colored customer displays, kitchen displays, barcode scanners, card readers, cash drawers and a range of other items. The system comes with wireless waiter pads with instant syncing which makes it all the more easy to derive the best out of these systems. The eatPOS cloud based epos systems, offline mode comes with enhanced technical backup which helps to make sure that the system is always running smoothly and efficiently.

With eatPOS, one can ease the whole process of payment processing and make sure that all records are handled with maximum efficiency. The eatPOS program has payment integration available too with Zapper. The manufacturers also guarantee that iPad, Android EPOS for eatPOS coming soon as well, which would make these programs even easier to use.

About eatPOS
The eatPOS is a highly efficient EPOS system that is used in the retail and hospitality industry. It not only makes it easier to carry out payment processing and other associated tasks but also helps in presenting accurate billing to the customers, thereby rendering the best services to the customers.

For more information, please visit https://www.eatpos.co.uk/

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