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Sheldon Sonido Launches Fund Raising Campaign For Hawaii Based Floatation Center On INDIEGOGO

It has been their dream to create the first ever Flotation Center in Central O’ahu, Hawaii. Helping people to have a friendly atmosphere to improve lifestyle has been the prime agenda of their vision. In a bid to make that dream come true, Sheldon Sonido takes the initiative to launch fund raising campaign for Hawai’i Based Floatation Center on INDIEGOGO. With the aim of helping one physically, mentally, and spiritually, they take pride in being able to plan such a facility that will cater to the need of feel well and get well in a safe and non-abrasive natural manner. Being able to create great impact on lifestyle, this floating center is aimed to offer physical, mental and spiritual upheaval. While floating can help one to speed up recovery and release tensions from his or muscles, the act of floating actually unravels the reenergizing and rejuvenating path for one to enjoy improved blood pressure and heart rate with consistent floating sessions. Floating has been proved to increase secretion of endorphins and decrease the stress related neurochemicals. Floating also caters to the need of making meditation easy and even the experiencing of theta state.

Being a form of hydrotherapy, floating has been recognized for being able to shut all of the sensory stimuli and that can ultimately help one to reach a state of bliss and complete body relaxation. This project has a flexible goal of $37,000 and any help in reaching the goal is highly appreciated by them.  The more funds the better, because of the stretch goals that they offer.

The featured perk offered by them is an INDIEGOGO exclusive polo shirt along with the name plaque that will be mounted on the wall of this flotation center with the name of backer on it. By contributing $500 in this project, one can have an Explorer Float Membership card that includes one 90 minute float a month.  Retail is $600, so you get to save $100 through the campaign.  A $5,000 perk rewards you and a close one with a two day stay in Hawai’i.  Hotel and flight expenses are covered.  On top of that you’ll receive two 90 minute floats each and a private tour of the floatation center.

About Hawaii Based Floatation Center:
Hawaii Based Floatation Center is a basically a flotation center that is being designed to offer mental, physical and spiritual development.

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