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YBD Translations Becomes Leader In Chinese Translation Services, Wins Numerous Contracts Among World’s Leading Law Firms

As globalization increases among developed nations around the globe, so too does the need for expert law firms and legal teams to work closely together despite barriers created by languages and cultures. And in order for legal teams to keep work moving quickly, smoothly, and effectively, they need peerless translation and interpretation services. This is where YBD Translations comes in.

Since YBD’s launch, the company has built a reputation as a trusted partner among law firms who demand peerless service that exceeds expectations. It is this model that has made YBD a leader among law firms in need of Chinese translation, and the company’s level of commitment definitely shows among every law firm it holds a contract with.

“From day one, our mission at YBD has been to always adhere to an unprecedented standard of excellence, no exceptions,” CEO Andy Tsai says of his Shenzhen-based company. “We are blessed to be staffed with so many wonderful translators, and even more blessed by the many wonderful clients we service. We are so excited to see what the near future holds for YBD.”

The company’s other services include Chinese translation, interpretation, editing, video translation, desktop publishing, software localization, and more. Since the company’s launch, YBD’s customer base has grown to include more than 100 companies across electrical, chemical, medical, legal, fashion, government, and many other industries.

Media Contact:
Andy Tsai
YBD Translations
E-mail: info@ybdtranslations.com
Tel: 86 15870620756
Website: http://www.ybdtranslations.com/


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