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Kickstarter Campaign Launched To Publish ‘What The Fool: Universe Discovery Pocket Guide’

Austin, Texas (July 7, 2016) -  Author Sobe K. Osmon has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for the intrepid self-educator’s Universe Discovery Pocket Guide ‘WHAT THE FOOL: UNIVERSE DISCOVERY POCKET GUIDE’.  Funds from the Kickstarter campaign are set to be used for editing, illustration and publishing a limited number of 1st Edition ‘What The Fool’ Volumes I, II and III and No Fooling Volumes I – V.

Designed in stages for ages 7 to 21, together the “What The Fool” and the 5-Volume book series “No Fooling” make-up the complete ‘What The Fool: Universe Discovery Pocket Guide’ designed to rapidly spin-up the reader on essential, need-to-know insights about how their world works and their proper role in it based on the principles of Natural Law, Liberty, Freedom and Individualism.

Created to spark people’s desire for liberty, to develop their interest in self-education, and to help them grow without limit, ‘What the Fool’ is a creation inspired by and drawing from many great thinkers both past and present.  The ‘What the Fool’ series of books provides insights to fundamentally center the reader’s mind on undeniable truths that may seem radical to some. However, according to author Sobe K. Osmon, “If you can keep an open mind, the mind of a child, the journey you are about to embark on will be more liberating than alarming. You were taught many untruths, and many other important truths were withheld from you.”

The majority of the funds raised for this Kickstarter project will be used for editing, illustrating and reward production with the remainder going to fees, licenses for the Pocket Guide. The author promises supporters of the campaign will get rewards ranging from receiving an early bird draft of ‘What the Fool: Universe Discovery Pocket Guide’ – Volume I and Volume III in pdf format for a $10 dollar pledge to a 1st Edition ‘What The Fool: Universe Discovery Pocket Guide’ book plus the “No Fooling” Series 5-Volume book set for a $60 pledge of support.

For more information, visit: http://kck.st/29k40Xs

Media Contact:
Sobe K. Osmon
Phone: 512-769-7038
Email: sobekosmon@gmail.com
Website: http://kck.st/29eHRMV


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