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Tekhook Introduces Impactful Bulk Sms Marketing Services

India, (July  07, 2016) – As the business environment in India soars to new levels, the importance of using traditional methods of communication with target buyers / audience has also been felt. Short messaging service or SMS, which is considered as one of the oldest and the most potent ways of getting message across to the latter is thus, evolving at God speed to carry the cause of new age marketing over and beyond. Among the service providers that have managed to understand the needs of new age SMS marketing, Tekhook can be mentioned among the foremost.

With a list of 2000 + thoroughly satisfied clients and over 100 crores of messages delivered, Tekhook has set examples for new Indian corporate and commercial entities to look up to. Tekhook however, has expressed that they are ‘not as much concerned with the numbers of SMS sent but the quality of it and the conversions that it brings’. Till date, this one of a kind text message marketing genius has developed remarkable promotional SMS campaigns which have won massive response from the receivers in favor of the company for which Tekhook has been working.

Another cherished aspect about this company is their commitment to affordability. Making high quality bulk messaging services at affordable prices has allowed many smaller yet promising endeavors to approach the same and gain a very healthy and yielding starts from it.

About Tekhook
At present, Tekhook has established itself as one of the largest, the most dependable and innovative bulk SMS service providers in bustling business / corporate location like Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida etc. Upcoming locations like Agra, Ludhiana, Kanpur and Rajkot are also looked into by this evolving company. Besides excelling in bulk messaging services, Tekhook also excels in fringe services like bulk email services, search engine optimization, digital marketing and many more.

In order to know more, click http://www.tekhook.in/

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