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Temples Pride Announces & Celebrates The Anniversary Of The Release Of Their Culinary Torch On Amazon.Com

Valley cottage, New York, July 2016 – Temples Pride, a leading provider of quality products for the home and kitchen today announced the anniversary of the release of their very popular kitchen torch the Blow-Pro™.

This culinary torch from sincerely cuisine by Temples pride has completely stolen the spotlight and still continues to do so on amazon.com. “Sales are growing day by day as we climb further up the ladder in amazon search” said a spokesperson from Temples pride. “We are humbled and extremely grateful by how well our Blow-Pro™ has done and is doing, it has taken a lot of work to achieve what we have achieved”.

Here is what Kathleen Hickey has to say about the Blow-Pro™ as can be seen on the amazon detail page.

“The culinary torch is extremely easy to use and comes with very easy to understand instructions. The tank of the torch is large and has the capacity to hold a lot of fuel, making the need to refill not as often ideal. The tank also has angle flow technology for uninterrupted any angle torching. The torch is very easy to light and has a self igniting single fire rapid ignition system. This allows the torch to be lit quickly with very little effort. The torch also has an adjustable anti flare flame regulating knob on the top of the torch that is easily accessible.

The uses are really endless when it comes to the Blopro Culinary Torch. We recently took the SinSEARly Cuisine culinary torch with us on a recent camping trip and let me tell you, we loved having it with us! Starting our campfire was fast and easy. So was lighting our bug torches. I have used the culinary torch several times while cooking and grilling at home as well. It really is a great product to have in your home.”

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Temples Pride LTD based in Valley Cottage, New York. Are a leading brand and product development company. We are devoted to and pride ourselves in sourcing developing and handing to you the best of the latest brands for your temple of a home. Quality and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our focus. Our devotion is the birth of desire for quality reliability and affordability. We are here to serve you always going above and beyond.

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