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Temples Pride Receives Outstanding Video Review For Their Microfiber Mop

Valley cottage, New York (July11, 2016) - Temples Pride, a leading provider of quality products for the home and kitchen today announced they have received the ultimate approval achievable on amazon.com with their review from a highly respected Amazon.com #1 hall of fame member who has nothing but good things to say about Dredge™, an advanced microfiber mop kit.

Dredge™ is designed for most floor types. “In every mop kit there are 3 different types of pads the user can choose from” said Lance, a representative of Temples pride. “The first is a super fine soft pad which is great for hair and fur due to its ability to attract as a result of the magnetization caused by its minute fibers. The second is a grade up and more denser while the third is the ultimate mop pad which is the biggest and most absorbent of them all for the much bigger mopping tasks. This variety of microfiber pads allows the user to pick and choose whichever they see fit for the task at hand”

“We have used some Swiffer mops but they didn’t last long.” Said JJ, the Amazon.com #1 hall of fame member. “On one of them the handle broke after about a month of light use and on another the sprayer stopped working within 3 months. This mop is just made better and more rugged and it looks like it will hold up to mopping and dusting a lot better than the Swiffer mops did. These are great for a quick clean up, dusting or mopping up a spill. The large heads of the mop make fast and easy work for dusting and mopping.”

JJ’s video review is an in depth, detailed and visually appealing complete tutorial showing what the Dredge™ mop can do.

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