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Arbor And Troy Presents The Finest Rental Furniture In Jakarta

Jakarta, (July 12, 2016) - Whether it is a home or an office, good quality furniture with exquisite finish or retro feel can greatly rev up any space. Arbor and Troy is a leading furniture store in Jakarta offering premium quality rental furniture at the most affordable rates. Homeowners, private companies and other individuals often need rental furniture for a brief period of time due to a wide range of reasons. Most individuals give special importance to furniture as they play a major role in beautifying any space, set the mood of the season reflecting one’s aesthetic sense of home décor. There is no point is getting mediocre quality furniture. With the well designed chairs, tables, dining sets, cabinets, beds and kid’s furniture items, one can add the required depth and style to the rooms as one wants to, by hiring nicely crafted furnishing pieces to enliven any space!

As a leading firm offering furniture rental in Jakarta, Arbor and Troy presents the best pieces of furniture that come in the most variety of designs. The best thing about Arbor and Troy furniture is that they can also be availed at the most flexible packages. Whether one needs them for less than a year or more than a year, Arbor and Troy can presents customers with rental packages that are easy to manage. The furniture rental products offered by Arbor and Troy come in three main styles, namely, Modern Classic, Urban Contemporary and Ethnic Heritage. All furniture Arbor and Troy products are noted for their characteristic elegance and style.

About Arbor and Troy:
Arbor and Troy is a reputed furniture company in Jakarta offering fine quality traditional and contemporary furniture items for rent at the best prices. Whether one is looking for furniture for a very short term use or for longer periods, Arbor and Troy can deliver eye-grabbing furnishing pieces that fulfill all practical and aesthetic needs.

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Arbor and Troy
Telephone: +62 888 0807 4380, +62 888 897 9623
Email: rental@arborandtroy.com


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