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Dental Industry Start Up Helps Dentists Increase Practice Income By 30%

A new web-based company is connecting traveling dental specialists with private practice dental offices in an effort to improve the top line revenue and bottom line income for dentists. According to the Company, early adopters who participated in their beta test realized earnings increases of as much as 30% and more.

The Company has begun a massive nation-wide pre-registration email campaign that allows dental professionals to sign up for free. The free sign-up allows visitors to browse the site while becoming familiar with the core services and functionality. The Company expects to begin full service by September 1, 2016.

MyPracitce9 is managed by a team of experienced dental industry executives and dentists who view the dentist-to-dental specialist business model as an outdated and inefficient business model.

“Dentist’s spend a considerable amount of time, energy and money winning new patients.  They spend even more time in a continuous training process to insure that their internal staff provides new and existing patients with an excellent customer experience.  But then they send those patients to a third party dental professional for certain other dental procedures. In that “referral” process the dentist forfeits significant practice revenue and loses utter control of the patient experience. We think that model is just an old way of thinking about the dental industry”, says Michael Hill, CEO and President of MyPractice9.com.

It is no secret to most industry observers that the dental industry in undergoing significant transformation. Improvements in dental technology and treatment protocols has forever changed the way dentists, dental specialists and dental labs interact.

“We didn’t invent anything new, really, we just provided an easier and more scalable method for connecting dentists and dental specialists. In our local Southern California market, for example, there are dozens and dozens of dental specialists who are traveling to private practice dental offices to provide their specialty services. The treatment revenue gets booked through the dental practice but the treatment revenue and costs are shared.  It’s is a growing trend within the dental industry. We just make it safer, better and more profitable for the dentist and dental specialist”, says Hill.

Considering that revenue is an important element is valuing a dental practice, the idea of helping private practice dentists increase their monthly treatment production is sure to have a profound financial impact on participating dental offices. You can learn more by visiting the Company’s website at http://www.mypractice9.com/

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