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EPIC SRL Completes A Glorious Decade Of Business Operations

EPIC SRL  offers an impressive portfolio of high quality and aesthetic decorative switch plates and design switch plates that combine utility and show. This company holds a place of repute for offering arrays of light switches for its brand PLH that come with foolproof safety and elevates the show of the rooms with its fashionable look.

EPIC SRL was incorporated in the year 2006 to meet the demand for safe and aesthetic light switches in the domestic market of Italy. In a span of a decade, the company has manifold its product portfolio and scale of operations. In its present standing, this company is a major brand of designer light switches in the international market. Operating with the combined experience and expertise of a team of professionals from Italy, the products of this company now stands as a class of its own. The success  story has reached  a limit that buyers while looking for designer   switches, gives these products the first considerations, ahead of all the other alternatives available in the market.

Makeup happens to be the first market release from this company and since the launch of this product, the company need not look back. This product is still relevant in the market for its exceptional classy look, robust functionality, and foolproof safety features. This company has always given equal importance to the aspects of utility, safety and artistic perfection that makes its products the most coveted collection in the international market. Under the able leadership of Enrico Corelli, the company is constantly thriving for qualitative excellence and innovation.

“The object of our company is to offer our clients safe and artsy products. Our mission is to do justice to the aspect arts & crafts that have been the legacy of the Italian soils for years, ” stated  Enrico Corelli, Founder & CEO of the Company.

EPIC SRL is the manufacturer of the PLH brand decorative switch plates, design switch plates, and designer light switches. For more information, please visit  http://www.plhitalia.com/en/home/


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