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How To Build A Shipping Container Home – Professional Builder Reveals All Guarded Secrets

Are you one of the thousands looking to container homes for your new living quarters?  Then prepare to be amazed, as 14 year professional builder Warrant Thatcher reveals all in “How to build a shipping container home”.

Warren has re-released his updated step by step guide in shipping container home plans this week, which is simply titled ‘Build a Container Home’.  Its aim is to provide any individual looking to purchase or create a container home step by step instructions.  That will show you everything you need to build a container home from scratch.

Warren explains that there is nothing else out there on the market that provides what he is revealing in his shipping container home plans.

“We questioned the author to see what makes his container home plans so different?  After all there are videos, publications and websites dedicated to providing container architecture, shipping container construction, and of course shipping container home designs.”

This was Warrens response “That is correct there are a number of sites, videos and publications that provide information on shipping container homes.  However the majority of the online guides, videos and other publications miss out on several important steps.  The biggest one being safety.”

“You are going to have people come by or have family live there.  So you need a guide that you can trust from a professional who understands building.  Many videos and publications are dodgy and focus very little on safety and a number of other factors. My how to build a shipping container home guide covers all of my 14 years of professional building experience.“

We then asked Warren: So what secrets are you revealing? …
“I reveal everything from my secret sources to get a shipping container at the lowest price possible.   I show you how to obtain a permit for your shipping container home.  I reveal design and layout plans and all of my years of professional experience and vast secrets of building that are too much to explain here.  I leave no stone unturned.”

Our Conclusion
If you are looking for a comprehensive step by step guide on shipping container homes then Build a Container Home may be your solution.  If you are determined to find out how to build a shipping container home we suggest you take a look at this popular design publication today http://infospaceonline.com/shipping-container-home-plans/


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