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JMG Comes Up With A Portfolio Of Heavy-Duty Electric And Radio Controlled Cranes

Sarmato PC, Italia  (July 14, 2016) – JMG has made a place of reputation and respect among the manufacturers of pick and carry Cranes and electric Cranes. The specialty of this company lies in the production of cranes that comes without the outriggers and holds the capacity to lift heavy loads, ranging between 2 and 100 tons.

JMG offers a comprehensive portfolio of heavy duty cranes that comes in 3 categories; the radio controlled cranes, Pedestrian and the battery operated cranes. These cranes are rated on very high notes for its agility and versatility. The products come with alternatives like winch, forks, man  basket as well as jibs. These cranes are different from the conventional ones in terms of its capacities to access the sharp places that stand beyond the limits of the conventional models. These cranes feature a sleek and sharp design for which these cranes can work, accommodating the minimal space. The manufacturer ensures that the cranes have flexible steering so that it assist the users during the operation time.

The cranes from JMG offers manifold benefits to the users. For example, the pick & carry cranes work on the principal of the liver fundamentals that allows the crane to pick and displace heavy loads taking the minimum operating space. The advanced mechanism of these machines makes it highly effective and highly user-friendly.

JMG adopts to the highest standards of business ethics and gives immense importance to the aspect of the  qualitative standing of the products. Hence, the cranes from this company always meet the satisfaction of the clients.

“Our mission is to offer our clients the most efficient and user-friendly cranes. We aim towards changing the usual perception that evolves around the conventional cranes. We are extremely customer-centric and  nothing is more important to us that to meet the expectation of the clients and to satisfy them with our products and services”, stated the company spokesperson.

About JMG
JMG is a global giant among the manufacturers of cranes. This company holds a reputation for offering high-duty, yet portable cranes. Please visit  http://www.jmgcranes.it/en/home-en.html for more information.


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