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MILLUTENSIL SRL Becomes The Top Provider Of Hydraulic Presses In The Italian Market

Established in the year 1955, Millutensil has occupied the pioneer slot among the global producers of die & mold presses and sheet metal machinery. This company specializes on the most critical names across different sectors and constantly thrives on excellence. The company holds a reputation for offering cutting-edge solutions through innovation for advanced technology and methodology. This company is the most reliable provider of hydraulic presses and spotting presses in the Italian market.

The company categorizes its products in three different brackets that they nomenclatures as the blue, Green and the yellow lines. For the products coming within the bracket of blue lines, there are inexhaustible options on die & molding presses and die splitters that feature high functionality and precision. These applications facilitate checking, safe adjustments, and operations pertaining to maintenance activities. Green line category accommodates the cutting-edge applications for sheet metal works. These machineries ensure effective and power efficient production process. These applications hold special interests on the aspects of peripheral technology. The category tagged as yellow line includes the products like industrial conveyor belts that automate the production lines.

Millutensil has been the representative for the German giant FIBRO in the areas of mold elements. The company is the distributor of the coil exchange system as well as the rapid mold applications from the French major ROTOBLOC-PSP to the Italian market. Operating in the market for 60 years, this company has established its worthiness that is truly worthy of reliance, trust, and respect. MILLUTENSIL gives great importance on the aspects of qualitative excellence as well as innovation and it aims to bring cutting-edge solutions on an ongoing basis.

“We have been dealing with MILLUTENSILS for more than a decade’s time and each time, the company has satisfied us with its products, solutions, and services. We will be definitely endorsing the name of this company with pleasure”, stated the CEO of one of its clientele companies.

MILLUTENSIL is the distributor of the top German and French companies in the Italian market. Please visit http://www.millutensil.com/en/ for more information.

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