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Microfiber Mop Solves Age Old Problem Of Cross Contamination

Valley cottage, New York (July 2016) - Temples Pride, a leading provider of quality products for the home and kitchen today announced that their mop, dredge™ can and will remove bacteria and prevent cross contamination which results from traditional mopping methods.

A recent study done at the University of California Davis Medical Center has found many advantages that microfiber has over cotton. For a very long time traditional loop mops have been the way for many when it comes to cleaning our floors. However, as time goes on better methods get discovered. “Microfiber is a fabric worthy of superhero status” said a spokesperson from Temples Pride, “its fibers are 1/16 the thickness of human hair which is very small, this gives it the ability to completely remove bacteria and also to penetrate places where cotton can’t reach.”

In another study, a cotton mop and a microfiber mop were tested for their effectiveness at removing bacteria. The two mops were used side by side. A bacteria culture of the floor was taken before and after mopping. The results were quite astonishing. The cotton mopping method showed a 30% reduction in bacteria while the micofiber mopping method showed an astonishing 99% reduction. These results clearly point out the fact that cotton moves bacteria around while microfiber removes it.

Seeing results such as these makes one actually realise the amount of cross contamination that can occur. Using the right mopping method for a home is very important.

Dredge™ is a microfiber mop with advanced cleaning power that comes with 3 pads included with every order and can be found on amazon.com.

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