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New Clever Uses Found For A Culinary Torch

Valley cottage, New York, (July 19, 2016) - Sinsearly cuisine™, a leading provider of quality kitchen products announces and reveals some of the many fun uses for their culinary torch, Blow-Pro™

When it comes to kitchen fun and a blow torch, one’s imagination can either be the vessel for a ride into the heaven of blissful flavours or leave one feeling completely intimidated. It should not be the latter, there are hundreds of fun uses for a blow torch in the kitchen, just remember not to over do it. A spokesperson for sinsearly cuisine gave some tips “when torching, try and avoid staying on one spot for too long as this just burns the food, try and establish an overall gentle flow of heat evenly distributing the flame across the entire dish”.

Following are some exciting recipes for use with a torch. If one likes fig newtons, blue cheese and prosciutto then why not combine them all and finish it off with a flame for a savoury sweet delicious treat. What about a toasted peanut butter topped banana? Or a strawberry filled with blue cheese, sliced tomato with anchovies, sugar coated orange slices, smoked olives, searing a steak, melting cheese, glazed ham, s’mores.

Another great use is for peeling peppers, simply torch the pepper till it’s nicely done all over and place the pepper in plastic bag where it will steam and after a few minutes the skin just peels off.

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