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Dark Skin Activist Releases Book On Dark Skin Discrimination

Florida (July 20, 2016):- Florida-born actress cum playwright, Rashida Strober, once again comes to the spotlight and the  point of discussion, with the release of her latest work Darkism: 25 ways dark skin people are discriminated against. Rashida’s groundbreaking work as the world’s first dark skinned activist is the first of its kind. Rashida’s work revolves around areas that account for the discriminations faced by dark-skinned people in contemporary times. She became the world’s first dark skinned activist in 1998. Like no other before her, she has since written books and wrote and produced plays focused specifically on dark skin issues.

With the advancement of time, the civilization of humans, ideally, should be free of the perils of discriminations on the basis of skin tone. The history of human civilization has significant evidence of these acts of discrimination that has been marked as the most unsolicited in the history of mankind. Attempts have been  made to overcome these social perils and pave the way to eliminate racism in general. However, in Darkism, Rashida breaks new ground, honing in on one of the quietest forms of discrimination rarely discussed. Darkism pinpoints 25 ways of discrimination faced by men and women with dark skin tones. Hence, Darkism is not merely another novel, but, an introspection that unveils the silent  curse of dark skinned discrimination persistent in the so-called modern civilization of mankind.

Darkism is packed with circumstantial evidence and the recapitulation of the personal experiences of the author. Darkism has never taken sides in the camps of white or black people. It is a neutral narration of the experiences of the facts of life for dark skinned people. The contents are well researched and free from the tendency of  adding colors out of a biased mind. It is truly a eye opener for the reader.

“In my opinion, “Darkism: 25 ways dark skin people are discriminated against” is surely Rashida’s best work to date. She has surpassed the standards  established in her previous 3 books and 2 plays. There are several areas in the book that I will remember for the rest of my life. The book is a gallant collection for connoiseurs  of raw truth”, stated a critic about the book.

About Darkism: 25 ways dark skin people are discriminated against
Catching the attention of readers and critics alike, Darkism is a book by the playwright, actress, social commentator,  and world’s first dark skin activist Rashida Strober. Darkism reveals different instances of how dark-skinned people are discriminated against. Purchase on Amazon or from Rashida directly. Darkskinisbeautifulcampaign@gmail.com

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