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Amazon.Com Top 500 Reviewer Posts Video Review About New Hot Blow-Pro™ Kitchen Torch

Valley Cottage, New York (July 2016) – Sinsearly cuisine™, a leading provider of quality kitchen products announces that an amazon.com highly acclaimed top reviewer has tested and reviewed their culinary blow torch.

From a seller’s perspective, reviews either make you or break you since many (if not all) shoppers rely on them for help in determining whether to choose their product or one of the other 100 next to it. The problem for sellers though is the fact that less than 2% to 5% of buyers actually review as stated here by Neil Campbell an ex Amazon Category Leader and Senior Product Manager “Despite working at Amazon I don’t have specific numbers to help on this. However, it’s roughly about 2-5%”.

Some sellers are lucky enough to maintain a much higher review rate by providing the best possible customer service as can be seen with Sinsearly cuisine™. However, although all reviews are highly appreciated, there is one kind of review that all sellers hope to receive and that’s a review from a Top Amazon reviewer since their opinions are always respected. Following is a review by a top 500 amazon reviewer Desarah who also posted a video.

“This is perfect for the culinary expert or for beginner chefs. I say that because my his bishop can’t make oatmeal was able to char his burger without burning downtown the house. When he picked it up I did get nervous, but he got it down in a second. Thankfully. I like that you don’t have to finagle this to get it to turn on, after you put butane in the gadget of course. All you have to do is pull the red trigger button while holding in the lock button and bam, fiyaaaaah! You can adjust the fire size by moving the red dial at the top of the torch. For a real quick fire experience, make sure the fire that comes out is all blue. I like it, it’s a great addition to my kitchen, although I do plan on hiding it from my husband who thinks all of a sudden he needs to char everything he eats. Sigh.

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