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Amazon.Com Vine Voice Reviewer Praises The Dredge™ Microfiber Mop

Valley Cottage, New York (July21, 2016) - Temples Pride, a leading provider and manufacturer of home cleaning products today announced that their dredge™ mop has been tested and evaluated by one of amazon’s highly respected vine voice members.

Dredge™ is a microfiber mopping kit designed for all floor types. “In every mop kit there are 3 different types of pads the user can choose from” said a representative of Temples pride. “The first is a super fine soft pad which is great for hair and fur due to its ability to attract as a result of the magnetization caused by its minute fibers. The second is a grade up and more denser while the third is the ultimate mop pad which is the biggest and most absorbent of them all for the much bigger mopping tasks. This variety of microfiber pads allows the user to pick and choose whichever they see fit for the task at hand”

Following is the review from C. Stout off amazon.com, “The aluminum frame pole is extremely durable and very easy to adjust. No matter how hard I scrubbed the floor when I spot cleaned the adjustment points didn’t loosen up. The Velcro seems to be very durable and will be long lasting, which is nice. It is a high quality Velcro, which is important since it’s the main source for holding the mop pads in place.”

“It glides wonderfully – important when you’re trying to get in and out of floor corners. I love how it came with 3 different mop pads to cover all floor types. It’s nice having the option to either dry mop or wet mop. The mop pads are really nice. I couldn’t find any loose stitching on any of them. They are thick and made to last a long time. This is nice because it can get expensive if you have to constantly buy new mop pads. It has four adjustable fabric keepers for attaching wipes and keeping them in place. I love that I can just throw the pads in the washer when I’m done cleaning.”

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