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Dive Club Hosts Top Spearfishermen To The World’s Largest Spearfishing Tournament

St. Petersburg, Florida, (July 22, 2016) - St. Petersburg in Florida is going to be the host to the 51st annual St Pete Open, the World’s Largest Spearfishing Tournament on August 20th, 2016. The event is being organized by St. Petersburg Underwater Club (SPUC) which is a private and exclusive organization dedicated to promotion of responsible spearfishing and diving. The organizers are inviting the world’s best spearfishermen to come together in Florida’s coastal waters to see who will shoot the biggest fish in 7 categories. The St. Pete Open event is meant to promote the sport of spearfishing while either SCUBA diving or freediving to the global diving community.

The SPUC was founded in 1952 and have played a leading role in fostering and developing SCUBA diving and later spearfishing and freediving as recreational sports in Florida and beyond. In fact, the SPUC were the very first group to certify divers in Florida long before the establishment of international SCUBA schools. The mission of the SPUC is to promote diving and spearfishing as well as fellowship between underwater spearfishermen, underwater photographers, underwater explorers, and to organize contests and other related activities which promote good sportsmanship and ideas of clean living among the diving community. The organization also hopes to teach and educate people about underwater safety, promote conservation of the different kinds of marine life as well as to observe the rights and courtesy of all fishermen.

This year, the St Pete Open event will be broadcast live by Deep Immersion Media so anyone who likes the diving or spearfishing can watch the event from the official event live page at http://www.stpeteopen.com/ or on Facebook live from the St. Pete Open event FaceBook page @StPeteOpen.

About St Pete Underwater Club (SPUC):
The St Pete Underwater Club (SPUC) is a prestigious underwater club dedicated to the sports of scuba diving, free diving and spearfishing. For more than 50 years, they have been promoting good sportsmanship, underwater photography, underwater exploration and underwater safety. Through their event St Pete Open, they aim to promote the cause of spearfishing among all.

Visit http://www.stpeteunderwaterclub.com/ to know more about the St Pete Underwater Club or to register for the event.

About Deep Immersion Media:
Deep Immersion Media is full service event marketing and broadcast production company. Deep Immersion Media captures the event in such a way that it completely engrosses the viewer transporting them from their current location and state of mind to the scene at hand. Deep Immersion Media utilizes the fundamentals of storytelling and production with the latest in production technology including advanced aerial and drone footage, multi aspect POV perspectives, digital bio, mechanical and environmental metric overlay, livecasting and that special passion our team has for true adventures.

Visit http://www.deepimmersionmedia.com/ to know more about event marketing and live broadcast production.

Media Contact:
Michael Lokey
St. Petersburg Underwater Club
St. Petersburg, Florida
727 460 0780


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