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Mark Hammer, CMH, Senior Master Herbalist, ‘Longevity Mountain Herbs’ Provides Grandmaster Chinese Medicine Formulas

Longevity Mountain Herbs, Houston, Texas (July 22, 2016) – traditional-chinese-herbs.com– Longevity Mountain Herbs, a unique online health product and wellness store asserts the importance of taking Chinese medicine with the right level of concentration. Senior herbalist, Mark Hammer, expressed that “concentrations below 4 times may not always be as effective for the problem a client needs help with. Concentrations above 10 times the natural plant level loses the its natural status and approaches pharmaceutical grade. The best range of concentration is between 4 to 10 times the strength of the natural plant. For some sensitive clients, the tea made for the base plant is adequate.” He further stated, “that buying herbal medicine without an assessment of the underlying condition or cause is potentially dangerous and can exaggerate the condition further.” Mr. Hammer has developed a comprehensive program that accompanies all their master formulas. Included with their herb medicine formula are the optimal food therapy or diet that enhances the recovery process. Additional lifestyle recommendations, taichi, and ongoing coaching is available for clients, as needed.  Mr. Hammer has identified the top 10% of the herbal formulas from all over the globe that are proven to be effective and the 90% that are not. Mr. Hammer was fortunate to learn about Chinese medicine from his teacher, Dr. George Chun, as an apprentice for 10 years. Dr. Chun learned from his father and his father, etc. During the 10 years of Dr. Chun’s 40 year practice, he handed Mr. Hammer his senior knowledge without the 30 years of mistakes, prior to this valuable exchange. Mark has incorporated herbs in his formulas that possess exceptional medicinal values from studying various South American, Native American, Egyptian, African, Tibetan, Asian and Ayurvedic herbal medicines as well. The senior herbalist, Mark Hammer,  firmly believes in the sharing between all herbal medicinal systems will greatly improve the practice of all herbal systems of study. He acknowledges that much of the herbal knowledge has been lost in cultures where their knowledge storage has been destroyed. Due to great measures to protect their libraries for 1000s of years, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems offer the greatest reservoir of study. While conventional medicine denies the effectiveness and practice, Mr. Hammer perseveres to gleem the depth of those systems with an emphasis on Chinese medicine.

‘Longevity Mountain Herbs’ is dedicated to longevity practices, discerning the myths/facts about traditional Chinese medicines, Longevity Mountain Herbs offers only the best, authentic Chinese medicine Katy Texas to its customers. This practice specializes in providing remedies for many chronic ailments. Many buyers all around the world have made Longevity Mountain Herbs’ their source for correcting their ailments when others have given up on them. Mr. Hammer states, “You can be assured that customers seeking the best can get superior Chinese herbs Katy Texas from the official site ‘traditional-chinese-herbs.com’. ‘Longevity Mountain Herbs’ also features Chinese medicine for various pets to increase their longevity and health.

About ‘Longevity Mountain Herbs’:
Longevity Mountain Herbs, features Chinese herbal medicine to buyers who have chronic ailments at an affordable price.

For more information please visit http://traditional-chinese-herbs.com/

Media Contact:
Mark Hammer
Master Herbalist
Longevity Mountain Herbs


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