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Purusha Of Divine Spark Counselling Is The Most Coveted Life Coach In Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, (July 22, 2016) - Life has its ups and downs and getting stuck or completely dismayed can happen from time to time. Those who are in need of relationship counselling with personal relationships or equations with closed ones not turning out to the way it should be, Purusha of Divine Spark Counselling holds a lot of promise and positivity. Helping people to bounce back to life, mending relationships, saving lots of cases of divorces and break-ups, Divine Spark Counselling offers the best counselling sessions and it is conducted by Purusha. Those who are in need of life coaching or dating & Relationship Advice and Counselling or  higher doses of motivation so that they can do away with the darker sides of life and embrace happiness, Purusha has been chipping in with her role as the best life coach in Melbourne.

Finding happiness by enabling people to turn into a new life, Purusha of Divine Spark Counselling has been instrumental in acting like a true support for many.  She has the knowledge and expertise to infuse this positivism in everyone’s life. Purusha is a certified Counsellor, able Trainer, class apart Nutritionist and Coach. She has delved deep into the sphere of health, nutrition and alternative therapies and it has led to the counselling sessions being a huge hit! The sessions with her has been a melange of investigative, progressive and freethinking. Purusha of Divine Spark Counselling has been progressive with her techniques and words like ‘dream’, ‘courage’, ‘inspire’, ‘harmony’ holds a different meaning for her. One can consult her with ease by booking an appointment by dealing 0419 870 767. Purusha is all set to publish her first book in 2016. Motivate yourself with a motivation coach and Purusha fits the bill perfectly.

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