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Lairdications LLC Will Be Releasing Its Restaurant Finder App Goeat On 30th July 2016

Milwaukee, WI (27th July 2016) - Lairdications LLC recently confirmed the official release date for its first app GoEat as on the 30th of July. This Restaurant Finding App is compatible with iOS technology and posts its release it will assist the foodies around the world to find out the best restaurants in his/her locality.

This Restaurant Finder app is the brainchild of the student-innovator from Milwaukee, WI, Evan Laird. The idea of developing an exclusive app for finding restaurants flashed in his mind, early this year and putting hours of brainstorming, efforts and hardships, Evan developed this app by his own hands, even if he didn’t have any prior experience in developing an app or in coding. This development of this app represents Evan’s passion for technology and his exceptional skill as an innovator. Completely based on his strong convictions, efforts and a bare minimum stipend of 1000 USD for startup acceleration, Evan has developed a solution that will enable the foodies to get to the best restaurants and food joints in their vicinity.

This app features a unique functional methodology. It employs modern techniques like UBER, Four Square and Apple maps to explore the best restaurants. However, the name of the restaurant will not be unveiled to the user until he/she reaches the destination. Hence, the entire process to find “Restaurant near me” will have the excitements and thrills that are most commonly felt while going out to a blind date. It will be right to say that this app will combine the aspects of delicacy with excitement that will make the hunt for the restaurants an enjoyable act for the users.

Please visit http://www.goeatiosapp.com/ for more information

About GoEat
GoEat is an iOS app that will enable people to find out the top restaurants and food joints in their localities. This app is scheduled for its official release as on 30th July 2016.


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