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Magara Runners Club Is Set To Promote Sports In The Community

Bujumbura, Burundi (July 28, 2016) – The Magara Runners Club is a running club that is based in the town of Magara in Magara Zone, Bujumbura, Burundi. It was founded on May 1st, 2016 by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva through NGD Foundation, a philanthropic organization that is run by him. The goal of Magara Runners Club is to promote sports and health activities as well as provide opportunities for young men so that they can become professional runners. This is a great step towards the direction of promoting the importance of sports within the community of Bugarama in Rumonge Province.

The young men will be provided with adequate training necessary for attaining success as professional athletes. This will not only bring them the financial success that they are looking for but also provide them with an enhanced sense of self sufficiency. The training will be personally handled by Mr. Augustin Sibomana who is going to be the main training officer. He will be further supported by assistant coach Mr. Egide Haragakiza.

Magara Runners Club is going to be managed by NGD Foundation or Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation, a non-governmental organization that was founded on 2008 by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva. The non-profit organization is dedicated to promote various causes within the communities in relation to healthcare, sports, education, advocacy, media as well as social-economic development. With its base in Burundi and an office in Canada, NGD Foundation carries out different types of philanthropic acts for the communities.

About Magara Runners Club
Magara Runners Club is a running club based in Magara in Rumonge, Burundi. Founded by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva, its goal is to promote sports activities in this region for wholesome growth and prosperity.

Visit http://global.nsengiyumva.org/sports/magara-runners-club for further information in this regard.

Media Contact:
Magara Runners Club
Magara, RN 3, Rumonge.
BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
Telephone: +257 76 499466
Email: MagarRunners@gmail.com


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