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Magara Star Football Club Is Tagged As The Best Club For Young Enthusiasts

Magara (July 28, 2016) – In the recent times, Magara has seen the rise in talented soccer players that are looking for scopes to make a public appears and put forward their best game. Though there are several names that are present, but the Magara Star Football Club “Magara Star F.C.” is what provides the correct platform that allows talented soccer players to develop their skills and emerge as a professional soccer player. The Magara Star Football Club “Magara Star F.C.” is a Magara based soccer team that is situated on the West South coast of Burundi, which is alongside the Tanganyika Lake in Rumonge Province.

The Magara Star Football Club effectively functions on four levels:
•    The Executive Committee, that is assigned by the NGD Foundation;
•    The Managing Committee that is assigned by the Executive Comity of the Team.
•    The Members Committee that is assigned by the active members of the team in a general assembly of members.
•    The Players Committee that is assigned by the assembly of 30 players of the team chosen for the present annual season.

In the recent times the Magara Star F.C. had qualified to carry on playing in the Burundi Primus League A of the FFB First Division. This makes the existing players along with the aspiring players get noted in a much more visible way and better the chances of their professional soccer player career. However, the team at present is re-organizing itself in order to effectively prepare for the 2016-2017 season of the national championship of the soccer in the First Division level of FFB, a Burundi Football Association. This is an official name in Burundi for the Soccer and member of FIFA.

About Magara Star FC
The Magara Star Football Club team happens to be a member of the Star Sports Department of NGD Foundation. This club has been approved of an autonomous status and hence gets managed according to its by-laws on a regular basis. The club adheres to the FIFA and the FFB rules, codes and regulations of the Football Clubs.

For more information, please visit http://www.magarastarfc.com/about-the-team


Media Contact
Magara Star FC Office:
E-mail at: team@magarastarfc.com
Mail: B.P: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
Tel: (257) 31-001122 / 75-213662
Magara Town, RN3, Rumonge.


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