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Traditional African Fabrics In Contemporary Styles Add Much Needed ‘Spice’ Factor Back Into Fashion – Pepperfruit Launches

In a mainstream fashion landscape where muted tones and monochrome ensembles reign supreme, own-label online fashion retailer Pepperfruit launches to add a splash of colour. The new retailer is presenting the vibrant influences of afro-western fashion in contemporary styles that allow any wearer of any culture to add ‘spice’ back to their wardrobes.

Eye-catching patterns in a plethora of colours found on traditional African fabrics are expertly hand-crafted and tailored into designs that utilise the unique aspect of each shape and motif. Fashion fans can adopt and enjoy the energy and vibrancy that exudes from them when wearing a piece of Pepperfruit clothing.

Based in London, Pepperfruit mimics the cultural melting pot style of the city where it was founded. Fusing together the exotic prints of Africa with cotton block colour fabrics. Pepperfruit consists of a range for both men and women including stylish shirts, statement jackets, mix-and match two piece items, dresses and skirts.

Kingsley Ibe, Co-founder of Pepperfruit said, “As the name suggests, Pepperfruit was born out of a need to create clothes that scream a spicy fashion statement. Combining exciting colour and pattern with tasteful design, we then inject a youthful edge that lets us build our trademark style, making these beautiful, traditional influences relevant to the modern-day fashion fan. Every shirt, dress, trouser or skirt is designed with the fabric it embodies in mind, building a unique garment that showcases the pattern of the cloth it features to perfection”.

Clothes made from traditional African fabrics, known as ‘Ankara’ pieces amongst fashion commentators, have become widely sought after by those who wish to react to the trend of ‘back to basics’ fashion, adopting the exotic and fun-filled styles associated with the fabrics. Pepperfruit speaks to these consumers, and uses taste and elegance to produce a range that retains enviable style credentials while presenting the fabrics it showcases beautifully. Every garment from Pepperfruit is created using authentic Ankara prints, truly combining traditional African heritage with contemporary craft to build each and every item.

Women can choose from shirts and blouses that are bold enough to carry an outfit themselves, or can be combined with matching skirts or trousers to build an eye-catching look. Pieces of exciting patterned fabric are used to add detail to men’s shirts, used in small strips to highlight collars and cuffs or to form the shirt in its entirety.

The zesty creations of Pepperfruit can be enjoyed around the world, available online via its e-commerce website, Etsy, Asos and e-bay stores.

To view the full range of vibrant styles, visit http://www.pepperfruit.com/

Pepperfruit create spicy fashion statements by matching modern aesthetics with traditional twists. We take inspirations from the exotic prints and motifs of Africa that feature gracefully in our body of work. Pepperfruit is a people brand and we respect and appreciate our people – from the skilled artisans who hand-make our products to the models who feature in our hair-raising imagery and everyone in-between.

Media Contact:
Dakota Digital for Pepperfruit
Press contact: Eileen Pegg
Email: eileen@dakotadigital.co.uk
Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917-720-3025


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