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ADS ABOCADOS Safeguards The Interest Of The Property Buyers

Spain (July 31, 2016) - ADS ABOCADOS has made its standing prominent by offering various types of legal assistance and services to the people of Spain to manage the legal cases, revolving around Financial, property, Banking and several other domains. With a team of expert and specialist lawyers, this law firm assist the property investors to safeguard their rights and interest on the house properties.

ADS ABOCADOS  was established in the year 2014 to offer free legal assistance to the property buyers who faced troubles to get the ownership and occupancy of the properties that they either buy through a property developer or they approach the construction through any Cooperativa de vivienda. Property buyers are encouraged to see for the Reclamacion cooperativa services from this firm in instances they are not getting the occupancy and the ownership of the property as per the agreed timelines. They can even avail the services of this law firm if the property developer or the cooperative is not commencing and executing the constructions by the agreed timelines. In those instances, this law firm will file legal cases on the behalf of the concerned property owners and will get them the ownership deed, possession certificate as well as compensation for the delayed execution of the projects.

This law firm  gives personal consultation sessions with the lawyers to discuss the matters and to seek for fast track resolution of the troubles. Hence, it will make sense to state that this law firm eliminates the barriers from the path of owning house properties.

“I was running through troubles in getting the possession to my house that I bought through a housing cooperative. I approached ADS ABOCADOS and the lawyers did a spectacular job to resolve the issues within the shortest time span. It is hard to believe that one can get such superlative legal assistance, without the need to spend a penny”, stated an existing client of the law firm.

ADS ABOCADOS is a law firm  that offers legal assistance and aids on Property, banking and Financial laws, absolutely free of cost.

For more information, please visit https://www.adsabogadosfinancieros.com/reclamacion-cooperativas-promociones-de-viviendas/

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