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Lapdes, The Project Management Software For Businesses Is Finally Live

Chicago (August 1, 2016) - Lapdes is the newly launched project management software that is developed for businesses, individuals, and freelancers. After 3 months of being in Beta, the software is finally live.

Lapdes brings a solution to the chaotic processes and disorganization at the workplace. The app is designed by considering the fact that many businesses suffer loss due to mismanagement and juggling between multiple applications to manage their work, which is why they have created Lapdes project management app to bring an end to all these troubles. The software consists of powerful and advanced modules that help boost team productivity; improve team interaction and time management.

Lapdes works as an online notepad to keep a record of meeting summary or maintain an online to-do list so that the user does not miss anything significant at work. The online calendar allows creating, managing and tracking all the appointments, events, and meetings, which ultimately helps, in better planning for the day. The software also features an advanced and highly secure document management option to create, upload, review and share the documents and spreadsheets.

The user-friendly task management software can be used to plan, create, prioritize and monitor the tasks and activities while enterprise social network helps the workforce connect with each other in a better way. Another feature of the software is the enterprise wiki that allows the user to create, edit and share useful information to keep the employees informed and motivated.

More information about the software can be found on https://www.lapdes.com/

Contact Details
Company: Lapdes Inc.
Email: press@lapdes.com
Website: www.lapdes.com
Location: Chicago, USA


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