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Adrienne Camille Launches Crowd Funding Campaign For Call Me Ma’am On Indiegogo

Adrienne Camille’s newest short film answers the question “what is it like being a woman in the military?” While each person’s experience is different, Call Me Ma’am gives a one of a kind look at women in the military world. Adrienne Camille is a former Navy Officer who has translated her skills and knowledge to the entertainment industry. Since leaving active duty, she has worked for AMC Networks, FOX Sports, Telepictures, and TNT and on shows such as Brooklyn 99, The Last Ship, The Young and the Restless, and Shooter. The cast and crew were made up of 80% veterans, including Producer Jackie Perez, formerly of CAA, and Assistant Directory Paquita Hughes (who was 5 months pregnant!). Hiring veterans insured that the portrayals are accurate and the uniforms are perfect. Cinematographer John Snedden, a retried Navy Combat Cameraman, led the charge to use 8mm instead of digital, giving the film a historic feel. Jon Ong (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Focus) created an original score to accompany the classic stylings of the film.  The diverse cast and crew is also made up of 75% of under represented groups. Film locations include an actual battleship and real military bases. Adrienne created Call Me Ma’am in conjunction with LACMA’s Veterans Make Movies program. While the program offered guidance, it offered no funding. The completed short film has received great reviews and has been submitted to Sundance Film Festival. In the meantime, the group of veterans has created an Indiegogo campaign to pay for the film and increase the film’s visibility. To see the film, donate $5 to the IndieGoGo campaign. On paying the price of the battle ship, one can be the executive producer of the project.

About Call Me Ma’am:
Call Me Ma’am, a film directed by Adrienne Camille, brings out the real life story of Adrienne while she was in Navy.

For more information, please visit https://igg.me/at/callmemaam or https://www.indiegogo.com/campaigns/call-me-ma-am-a-true-story-about-a-female-sailor


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