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The Unexplainable Store Launches Subscription Offers For Brainwave Entrainment Programs

Unexplainable Store comes up with unique membership subscription offers for the brainwave entrainment programs that will enable the users to benefit this modern technology at modest expenses. This subscription will give the subscribers complete access to the brainwave sessions through a single app, compatible with Android and iOS technology.

In contemporary times, life is filled with stress and strain. brainwave entrainment is a modern methodology that can bring a tranquility and peace of mind, to cut down these stresses and strains. Unexplainable Store is the one-stop resource center that gives the users, access to a library of inexhaustible streaming sessions. One can avail these streaming sessions, free of cost. The paid subscribers get more added features along with the subscription plan.

Individuals, interested in subscribing as a member can choose between the options of monthly, quarterly as well as lifetime subscription plans. New members need to create an account that they can do for free. Once the membership subscription process gets completed, members will be getting a unique Credit system that will enable them to buy CDs and MP3s at the whopping discount, tat can go up to 60%. Parties interested in the apps subscription can download the app, either from Android platform or from Apple iOS.

This provider gives a chance to the subscribers to synchronize their website subscription plan and to purchase the CDs & MP3s through the brainwave app. Aside, subscribers hold the complete liberty to discontinue the subscription plan or to upgrade it at any point of time.

“Our endeavor is to make the benefits of brainwave entertainment universal. Hence, we can come up with this unique app subscription  plan that will enable the mass to listen to the sessions of brainwave entertainment for free and to purchase Mp3s and Cds at the modest rates”, stated the spokesperson.

About  Unexplainable Store
The Unexplainable Store is an online provider, providing brainwave entertainment sessions online. Please visit http://www.unexplainablestore.com/subscription.php for more information.


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