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Bush&Gerts Piano Company Provide The Largest Collection Of Luxurious Custom-Made Piano

New York, NY (08/08/2016) - Today, the Bush&Gerts piano company has announced that they’ll accept Orders of the largest collection of luxurious custom-made Pianos. Piano, being the World’s most influential audience segmentation engine, is enjoyed by numerous piano lovers. These excellent pianos are surely a pleasure to rejoice and restore. If you’re a piano lover, or you wish to collect an antique & rare model of contemporary pianos, then definitely the company has three different services to offer you. The first service includes the custom-made piano shells. The company manufactures the most affordable, technologically advanced, and highest quality Piano Shells across the World! Moreover, it allows the customers to personalize and customize a grand and elite piano shell. The consumers can select the materials, colors, and other essential aspects to design a piano of their own choice. Additionally, the company offers you to create a custom-made nameplate that elevates the physical appearance of your individualized piano. If you wish to decorate the piano shell with more contemporary, artistic, and gorgeous style, the brand offers you to inlay and veneer the piano shell with diamonds and other precious jewels.

The second service offered by this celebrated company includes the internal piano configuration options. Who doesn’t like to customize & contour the internal configuration of a premium & exclusive BUSH & GERTS Piano? The company offers to configure the hammer with “FFW”,”ABEL” OR “RENNER”, that specifies a brilliant rosewood hammer which perfectly combines flexibility & hardness and supply a perfect timbre. The action can be configured with a design of “RENNER” which is a sign of sophistication and polishedness. Additionally, the Piano Black Keys can be configured with three different designing styles, for example, ABS, Ebony, and Ebony rosewood. Each set of this keytops has an ergonomic construction with a perfect streamlined finishing. Undoubtedly, these accessories will add a new horizon of richness to your contemporary piano.

Many of you can have a requirement of customized piano size. Depending upon the living room space & other customer-specific requirements, the company is offering a wide array of piano sizing options too. More precisely, there are two different piano sizing options, including, Upright piano and Grand piano. Along with that, an individual customer can order for a customized piano height as per their requirements. The Upright piano comes with several height measurements, for example, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, and 135 units. Whereas, a Grand piano comes with the following sizing options: 160, 170, 186, 220 units. [All units are calculated in centimeters]

By providing all of these above-mentioned services, Bush&Gerts piano co.,ltd will definitely make an incredible, interesting and luxurious customized piano of your own choice.

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Name: Bush & Gerts Piano Co.,LTD
Email: bushgerts@outlook.com
Address: 100 W. Chicago Ave., 800 N.
Website: http://en.bushgerts.com/


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