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Availing Cycling & Walking Holidays In Catalonia Is Easier & Affordable Now With Cycle Catalan

Palamos, Spain (August 12, 2016) – Even though many people look forward to avail cycling and walking holidays based in Catalonia, it has never been easier for one to find the best holiday provider in the market. All such worries come to an end with Cycle Catalan unraveling the best opportunity to avail walking and cycling holidays in Catalonia. Unraveling the rejuvenating path for one to avail both self-guided and guided cycling tours and walking tours at the most affordable rates, the company helps one to experience the natural beauty of Catalonia. Catalonia or Costa Brava has been recognized as one of the top travel destinations in the world in 2012 due to its charming natural beauty along with mild climate, transparent waters, countless blue flag sandy beaches and luminosity of the skies. Enabling one to enjoy holidays in such a place, Cycle Catalan offers a number of tours like Mountains Countryside and Sea Self-Guided cycling in Spain, Between the Land and Sea Self-Guided Walking Tour, Food Lovers Self-Guided Cycling Tour, Pyrenees to the Coast Road Biking Tour, Cycle and Chill Self-Guided Cycling Tour, and Barcelona and Beyond. Paving the path for one to enjoy walking holidays Costa Brava, they have earned the accolade of the best cycling & walking tour provider.

One of the spokespersons commented, “We did Cycle Catalan’s ‘Barcelona and Beyond’ tour in mid-April and thoroughly enjoyed our time in Barcelona and Empurda. Alan provided us with everything we needed to allow us to explore this unspoilt area of Spain…And we also like to be put up in nice hotels. Alan’s itinerary fitted the bill perfectly in terms of the first criterion.”

Helping one to make his or her trip memorable under the guidance of professional experts, the company is the best choice for one to spend holidays to Catalonia. Spending cycling or walking holidays at the most affordable rates is easier now with Cycle Catalan.

About Cycle Catalan:
Cycle Catalan is a small independent company that offers self-guided and guided cycling tours and walking tours.

For more information, please visit http://cyclecatalan.com/

Media Contact:
Cycle Catalan
Carrer Fabrega i Pou, 60
17230 Palamos (Girona)
0034 972 661069
Email: info@cyclecatalan.com


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