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Millennial Monarch Media, LLC Launches “Hooray For Beignets”: A Delightful Book For Kids

New Orleans, LA (August 17, 2016):- In the process of growing up, the children of this generation have access to a wide range of attractive gadgets which constantly provide them with ample amount of amusement. Apart from amusement for a brief time span, the technological wonders cannot provide anything that a child needs to possess to become successful in his or her life. But a book, on the other hand, not only entertains a kid but also plays a vital role in infusing knowledge and moral values. Keeping all that in mind, Millennial Monarch Media, LLC takes the bid to launch “Hooray for Beignets”. Along with the easy and well written text, the colourful illustrations of the book are bound to capture the imaginations of the young readers. The story is quiet simple. The story depicts the journey of a little resident of New Orleans named Dillan and his mother through the city in the hope of enjoying a delicious piece of beignet. The tale takes its readers down the Canal Street streetcar line and the historic French Quarter. As the story unfolds, the duo encounters several exciting surprises.

Praising “Hooray for Beignets”, one of the spokespersons said, “Great book!!! This book belongs in a school curriculum… It’s a very cultural book and written very well. The illustrations are done very well. I will recommend this book for every parent and teacher to read to kids!!!”

The readers will also find an account of a lively and animated character named Gus, college freshmen from Walawala who have come to NOLA to become a filmmaker. This book unravels the opportunity for the young little readers to find out whether Dillan and his mom will be successful in their quest of beignets. Although the book is dedicated to the kids, adults reading it in their leisure time will indeed find it to be fascinating.

About “Hooray for Beignets”:
“Hooray for Beignets”, launched by Princess-India Powell and illustrator Adamus Light, is a well written story book filled with colourful illustrations dedicated to children.

For more details, please visit http://www.hoorayforbeignets.com/

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Hooray for Beignets
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