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GUARDRIDE Takes Up A Crowd Funding Program To Donate Systems To The High Schools

The first-ever Smartphone-oriented monitoring system for DUI, GUARDRIDE is a solution to the parents to prevent their wards from driving while intoxicated. It is a brainchild of Brian Griffin, who oversees the application as a shield for the youngsters to escape the tragic consequences of driving, being drunk.

The development of the application has been completed and recently, the developer launched a crowd funding campaign at INDIEGOGO, appealing for contributions from mass to extend this unique application to as many schools and colleges possible. The objective of this campaign is to donate systems to Schools and colleges so that the fatal consequences of DWI can be escaped.

The pledging can start with an insignificant denomination of 1USD for which the donor will get his/her name acknowledged at the website of the developer. Then there are the silver and gold level donation schemes that come for pledging on 10 & 20 USD respectively.  The proceeds from these schemes will be invested in developing more advanced features and name of the donors will be displayed permanently on the website. The higher denominations for donations will be for 25, 50, 59, 149 and 1490 USD that will be used for donating systems to the High Schools and colleges, having a history of DUI tragedy.

“As parents, we have the responsibility to guide our children through the righteous path in life. The only reasons for launching the crowd-funding programs is to include more of like-minded individuals who would like to see the High School goers safe from the dangerous practice of driving while drunk. We will be using the entire proceed from this campaign to develop more advanced features as well as donate systems to the High schools & colleges that are struck with DUI tragedies. I am an optimist that the crowd funding program will be crowned with success and collectively, we will be able to safeguard our children”, stated Brian Griffin.

GUARDRIDE is a Smartphone-based monitoring system for DUI. This application will enable the parents to prevent their wards from driving while they are drunk.

For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/guardride-world-s-first-teen-dui-prevention-system#/


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