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Gold Coast Home Offers Energy-Saving Lighting Supplies To Buyers

Chicago, US, (August 24, 2016) – Gold Coast Home has come up with energy saving LED lighting solutions for buyers in the U.S. Energy saving lights are one of the biggest demands for global buyers of lighting products and supplies. One of the oldest ballast manufacturers in the U.S, Gold Coast Home is now offering a wide range of energy saving lighting solutions which save energy bills and also take care of the resources of the planet.

The company has brought lights with built-in dimming feature which dims bulbs without the need of a dimmer switch. It also offers bulbs which use just 0.5 watts in night mode, thus saving energy and costs. It is also a pioneer in the field with the supply of LED outdoor lighting which can be controlled with Bluetooth devices and can also be controlled with the help of any standard home lighting switch.

These lights can save consumption of energy by a staggering 60 – 80%. Other than energy saving modern lighting, it is also offering products that offer a great performance in all types of weather – especially in rainy and foggy conditions. Each item satisfies emissions reduction and energy conservation standards.

About Gold Coast Home
Gold Coast Home is a reputed provider of lighting products, such as ballasts, bulbs, chandeliers, power transformers and power supplies. The company is also in the supply and sales of Lighting Fixtures, Wiring Supplies, Retail Electrical Equipment and Apparatus among other things.

For more information, please visit http://goldcoast-home.com/

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