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Gold Coast Home Offers Innovative Lighting Products To US Buyers

Chicago, US, (August 24, 2016) – Gold Coast Home, one of the newest suppliers of lighting products, has been coming out with innovative modern lighting products for buyers in the U.S for some time now. The company is bringing out scalable solutions for customers, and whether floor lamps, table lamps or chandeliers – it is ensuring there is something unique in each offering.

Rising concerns about energy depletion, environmental pollution and scarcity of planetary resources are driving up efforts in the production of energy-friendly discount lighting made with eco-friendly processes. Gold Coast Home has become one of the first companies to partner in this cause, with zero waste, zero pollution and completely recyclable lighting items, which come with patented technology for saving energy consumption by up to 80%.

With innovative type of filament, reflector shapes and candle shapes, some of which have been award winners in the industry, Gold Coast Home is aiming at a revolution in the lighting of homes, outdoor spaces and patio. It is offering decorative lighting with combination of filament light bulb and LED technology, which distribute light in a more natural way. The smart, innovative lighting solutions are designed for today’s citizens who prefer smart and stylish living.

About Gold Coast Home
Gold Coast Home is a major supplier of contemporary lighting products, such as bulbs, power transformers, power supplies and ballasts among others. It is into the sales and supply of Lighting Fixtures, Wiring Supplies, Retail Electrical Equipment and Apparatus and more.

For more information, please visit http://goldcoast-home.com/

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