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Livart, A Groundbreaking Platform For Developing Artistic Culture Through Technology

Minas – Marios Kontis, a high school student, has developed a platform that will help explore art, in a revolutionary and pioneering way. The platform referred to as LivArt is an interactive virtual museum featuring renowned pieces of artworks that, instead of a static exhibition, are animated so as to keep users glued to the platform. The motion and animated art is aimed at exploration of art which provides quality education and entertainment for both kids and adults.

The app, currently on Indiegogo, is launched for the purpose of enabling the people from all walks of life to love art. LivArt unravels the opportunity for parents to educate their kids about the development of the artistic culture, and at the same time ensures the dissemination of knowledge and culture. It caters to the need of making people informed and aware about the most important and brilliant paintings in human history.

As the innovation in this platform comes in the first place, the environment is fully interactive. The person is able to “walk” inside the virtual museum, and as viewing the paintings, with a long-tap, every character or scenery starts moving. The reward system of app will make available more paintings for exploration as soon as the user has learnt and has watched a specific number of paintings.

As expected, LivArt is going to become the first choice for students, kids and all those who are willing to know more about art. Minas-Marios is looking forward to give it a shape real soon. This app/website based project has been appreciated as the best educational platform.  LivArt nourishes the young minds that look for opportunities to have an invigorating avenue open beyond dull life.

Currently on Indiegogo, LivArt needs everyone’s help to raise awareness about this project, in order to come to life.

For more information, please visit https://igg.me/at/LivArt/x/7940645 or watch this video https://youtu.be/HdCjLxh61j4?t=2m19s


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