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Our Concept 3 Zero Launches Widest Range Of Contest Administration Services

Corso Milano, MB, (August 30, 2016) – Our Concept 3 Zero is a game promotions company which has been in the business of organizing sweepstakes and games promotions activities for a long time now. The company has recently announced the launch of the widest range of contest administration services.

The services offered by the company now include development and consultation, official rules and legal advice, promotion administration, publicity/liability releases, data entry, Procurement of Affidavits of Eligibility, social media execution and counsel, consulting sweepstakes, winner notification, Creation of winner’s list and request fulfillment, prize fulfillment, IRS 1099 form issuance, interactive promotional website hosting & development and many more.

For companies without the know-how of how to organize a competition, Our Concept 3 Zero is a one-stop resource to turn to. The company is into management sweepstakes and contest administration, and offers everything from custom app development to legal consultation. It offers full help with paperwork and winner validation process. You may choose a full administration package or a la carte services, whichever suits your needs the most.

The company is known to offer successful game promotions and sweepstakes contest efficiently and quite effectively, matching the budget and time of customers. If you want customers to rush and win competitions, and bring your brand in focus, Our Concept 3 Zero has the most effective game promotion strategies up its sleeve.

About Our Concept 3 Zero
One of the major sweepstakes companies in Corso Milano, MB, Our Concept 3 Zero is a one-stop resource for small, medium and big businesses, and develops game promotions, sweepstakes and concorsi a premio contests every year. It offers applications, administration and legal services associated to game promotions.

For more information, please visit http://www.ourconcept3zero.it/

Media Contact:
Corso Milano, 15
20900 Monza (MB)
Phone no: 039.9712770 / 039.9712927
Email id: segreteria@ourconcept3zero.it.


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