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Availing The Best Quality Cane Corso Puppies For Sale Is Affordable Now With Centurion Cane Corso

With the consideration many people look forward to avail the best quality cane corso puppies that have the protective trait intact in them, Centurion Cane Corso takes the bid to offer the finest quality Cane Corso puppies for sale. Talking pride in offering the litter that has excellent genetic potential, Centurion Cane Corso is basically a small and selective breeding program located on the southern Indiana & Illinois border during spring- fall and located in Spring Hill Florida from fall – spring. This Cane corso breeder Indiana offers cane corso puppies like black brindle male, black solid male, blue brindle female as well as black brindle female. Catering to the need of availing cane corso puppies that have large and powerful structure and has trustworthy character as well, Centurion Cane Corso has been recognized as one of the best Cane corso breeders Florida. Being loyal, these cane corso puppies offered by them are watchful of strangers resulting into the complete protection of the family.

With the aim of offering protective puppies, the program runs test on both sides of the puppies’ genetics to be sure of the same trait regarding their nature of guardianship. Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to avail Cane Corso pupy with correct temperament and character, Centurion Cane Corso has been recognized as the best Cane corso breeder Illinois.

The puppies are normally raised indoors with other animals as well as children thus become socialized. Being handled with care, these puppies have been registered by AKC and ICCF. The breeding program boasts of offering puppies that come with all vaccination and deworming needs. The puppies cost only $1200 with docked tail and dewclaws removed. They are also able to offer puppies with cropped ear with the help of a vet who has been cropping ears of the puppies for 30 years. Getting the ears of puppies cropped comes at an additional $350.

About Centurion Cane Corso:
Centurion Cane Corso is a reputed breeding program that offers the finest quality Cane Croso puppies that are protective of their families.

For more information, please visit http://www.centurioncanecorso.com/


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