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Optioment Offers Excellent Bitcoin Investment Options for Investors and Clients

Investors and clients are always looking for better avenues of investment that that bring them greater financial returns and help them with their own business goals. A reliable Bitcoin investment firm can greatly enhance the opportunities to earn more return on investment which is after all what everyone aims to achieve. Optioment is a leading Bitcoin investment firm operating globally and presenting clients with solutions that allow them to enjoy growth and foster better business value.

While the requirements of individual investors do vary, Optioment aims at offering Bitcoin investment solutions that fulfill them all with the highest levels of efficiency. With the core values of professionalism, integrity and passion for excellence, Optioment offers investment solutions that are extremely profitable at the end of the day. Investors want guarantee that they are going to receive their principal amount along with added returns, and this is something that they can always hope to have with the solutions offered by Optioment. The best part of hiring the expertise of Optioment is that the investors can get all of their returns completely tax free. This means that the investors can have their capital and weekly interests without anything getting deducted from them.

Every aspect of the Bitcoin investment process is carried out by the experts at Optioment in a simple manner without any tedious or roundabout operations. By choosing Optioment, the investors can also have a safe and secured environment where they can invest their money safely and reap great returns from it. Optioment also offers an investor 4% interest every week for his or her Bitcoin investment for a whole year. Optioment also offers excellent sharing options for investment funds, guaranteeing handsome income for investors in the process. The unilevel commission plan offered by Optioment can pay an investor 3% compensation for 1st level, 2% for 2nd level and finally 5% for all 3rd level referrals.

Recently Optioment had a pre-launch period for 7 months from February 1st 2016 to August 31st 2016. During this period, Optioment did not market their fund publicly. Even the investors associated with the firm did not do so through the affiliate program since this was strictly prohibited. The marketing right were only limited to the closest acquaintances and business partners. As the fund opened for public on September 1st, Optioment had 547 investors on board with an excess of 9.400BTC worth of assets under management (AUM), of which about 1/4th was their own funds.

To learn more about the investment programs offered by Optioment, visit their site http://www.optioment.com

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