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Charles Toh Launches INDIEGOGO Campaign For Fizzsaver™ By Charlesdesigns®

It has been their vision to redefine the way you drink beverages from a can, the FizzSaver™ is the bottle cap for the soda can, you can now turn your soda can into a bottle by keeping canned drinks fizzy for over 7 hours, with the additional ability to carry it everywhere you go. To ensure this vision turns into a reality.

CEO Charles Toh has launch a crowdfunding campaign for the FizzSaver™, to showcase how has innovative and versatile device will redefine loosing the Fizz after 15 minutes which is poured into a cup, every bubble or Fizz you see bursting out… Will no longer be in your drink, the reason for Soda/Beer going flat so fast…Drink from the Super Chilled Can to enjoy the Fizz With the FizzSaver™ everytime, further to this, when you pour into a cup with ice, you dilute the flavour of the drink by the amount of the ice…50% ice-water 50% Soda, you will never enjoy the true Flavour of your drink…drink straight from the super chilled can with the FizzSavour to Savour the Flavours.

Additional benefits from drinking straight from the can creates a recycling friendly system. No more washing of cups or disposal of plastic cups, furthermore detergent and water savings will increase, you don’t even have to waste energy creating ice cubes.

Its always with you when you need it, light and Compact, more importantly it Fits Different Can Sizes, which took them an amazing 1 year of testing on this alone, it’s also protecting your drink from insects, pest and someone else’s mouth.
For ladies its friendly to Nail Polish, Long Nails, Short Nails and especially for Airline Crew who opens more then their share of can drinks.

Crafted for those who have a hard time in keeping the canned drinks fresh and fizzy, this product also unravels the rejuvenating path for one to open the canned drinks easily. Catering to the need of keeping the bees, flies and ants away from the drink, the FizzSaver™ eliminates the fear of allergies that might be caused by the drink being exposed to bees and wasps.  The innovative FizzSaver™ has been designed to offer three key benefits. While the seal enables one to preserve the fizzy freshness for over an amazing 7 hours, the opener caters to the need of being able to open the drink without harming the fingernails and nail polish.

Besides preventing messy spills, the cover prevents pests like bees, flies and ants from crawling on the rim where your mouth rest to drink. Designed to work with any size of can, this product can be used for the purpose of distinguishing drinks as well with the different designs. This is indeed the most revolutionary innovation that is going to change the way the canned beverage is perceived today and the way you consume it.

This product is basically the brain child of Charles Toh who has won the 1st Prize for Best Innovation Award sponsored by MediaCorp of Singapore and has been granted 3 patents along with being nominated twice for Singapore’s prestigious President Design Awards. This project has a goal of $7000 USD and one $856 has been raised so far by 45 backers. By backing the project with $25, one can get a family pack of 5 FizzSavers.

Kids Safe and Kids Friendly. Great for Gifts and Giveaways, MICE.

About FizzSaver™:
FizzSaver™ is a revolutionary idea that seeks to change the way the canned beverage is perceived and can keep fizzy freshness for over an amazing 7 hours.

For more information, please visit http://www.charlesdesigns.sg/

FizzSaverTM By CharlesDesigns®

*Invented In Singapore*…For Everyone.

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