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Oliver Wayne Launches The Kindle Edition Of Hacking: Beginner’s To Intermediate On Amazon

Portland, Oregon (September 13, 2016):- Even though hacking originally developed out of an adventurous spirit, soon it took the form of a more serious concern to harm people. While many are aware of the term hacking, not many have the knowledge about the way following which they can protect themselves from being hacked. In a bid to put an end to such crisis, Oliver Wayne takes the bid to launch the kindler version of Hacking: Beginner’s To Intermediate on Amazon at the most competitive prices. Often recognized as the best book in the category of hacking for beginners, this book caters to the need of being safe from malicious actions. While the event like theft of customer data or theft of trade secrets make the headline every day, it is absolutely necessary for one to have the best resource to craft a protective shield that will be adept enough to offer fortification. Being sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC, this book is being offered at a discount price of $0.99 until 09/22. Unraveling the best opportunity for one to learn more about penetration testing and computer hacking, this book has become the first choice for many.

One of the spokespersons comments, “To have a knowledge on how to hack a computer is not a bad thing. It is because you will also learn about how to protect yourself from those outsiders who wanted to penetrate your system. This book is giving us ideas and information to do so. There are a lot of things that you can do in front of your computer…Totally recommended to all.”

Besides enabling one to find exploits and vulnerabilities, this book paves the path for one to learn SQL injection, 5 steps of penetration testing, reconnaissance, scanning, covering tracks, basic security, top 10 security practices that everyone should be following and much more.

About Hacking: Beginner’s To Intermediate:
Hacking: Beginner’s To Intermediate, launched by Oliver Wayne on Amazon, paves the path for one to learn more about staying protected from being hacked.

For more information, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L9SKNOO

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