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Sharing Items And Creating Better Communities Is Easier Now With Pass It On

Vijaynagar, Bangalore (September 14, 2016):- As the saying goes that only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile, many people look forward to explore the best opportunity to give back to the community in a convenient manner. The philosophy of giving back does not limit itself to getting rid of something unusable but also extends to helping one in need. Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to give and take items at free of cost, PASS IT ON emerges as the first free item sharing website in India. Striving to connect the donor and the receiver in a manner free from hassle, they offer items in a diverse range of categories like books & magazines, electronics & computers, home furniture & appliances, bottles & containers, recyclable items, clothing, footwear & accessories and many more. Catering to the need of having the best solution to the problem of throwing away, passiton makes it easier for one to reduce carbon footprints. Taking resort to the effective means through which one can recycle and reuse products, they reveal the opportunity for one to contribute to the welfare of the society.

One of the spokespersons comments, “I was able to give away my most memorable toys from childhood to an NGO that takes care of children. I was happy to see the joy in the children’s face. Thanks to passiton for creating a platform to donate stuff.” Bringing happiness to those who are in dire need and the donors who would love to see their used products of great use even now, PASS IT ON is the true reflection of the much talked about humanitarian ideology.

Adding to the convenience of both donor and receiver, they have made the entire process fairly simple. On completion of Registering on the site, the user can contact the donor and collect it from him or her. Besides contributing to a sustainable environment, PASS IT ON helps one to experience the joy of giving away.

The Indian based site Passiton.in is an item sharing website where users can give and take items for free.

For more information, please visit http://www.passiton.in

Media Contact:
Ramakrishna Iyengar
#836, 4th main 4th floor, Vijaynagar, Bangalore-560040
Phone: 8123525547,
Email: ram@passiton.in


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