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Author Derek Ross Is All Set To Create A New Literary Benchmark With His Latest Novel Knole Park

Every literary work sources from an inspiration that is made beautiful and heart-touching by the author’s vision and creative genius, to represent the subject. After spending a good amount of time as a writer who has been contributing to the newspapers and sharing write-ups on politics and other socio-economic issues, author Derek Ross decided to do something to his heart’s calling. Deeply impacted within by the recent economic downswing, the author has penned down his latest novel “Knole Park” that reflects the journey of a man who has been affected by the economic downfall with other interesting twists and turns in the main plot.

“Knole Park” written by Derek Ross shares the story of a protagonist named Michael Gaines who has been imprisoned owing to arson. This man has witnessed a major loss in his business and had to lose out not just on his home and wealth, but his wife and children too abandoned him. One might consider this to be a dangerous card doled out by destiny, when the author reveals that all this was part of a devastating ploy and that Gaines was framed by a business rival, who doesn’t just want to confiscate his business but also win over his beautiful wife, Hannah.

This is where the novel gets to the point of suspense and interesting episodes of betrayal and retribution! Here Ross includes an intriguing revenge plot where the protagonist unites with his wife and witnesses various hurdles to accomplish his revenge that he has set out for.  A gripping tale narrated in a fascinating manner, is the unique aspect of this novel.

About Derek Ross
Derek Ross the author of “Knole Park” and a writer have his own blog where he not just throws light on his own novel that’s recently released, but also shares a wide range of interesting blogs and posts that will inspire other writers and readers.

For more information click: http://www.derekrossauthor.com/


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