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Britney Harris Launches A Month And A Day Meet April Thursday On Amazon

While 4th grade can be really scary, Britney Harris took the bid to launch the paperback version of A Month and a Day Meet April Thursday on Amazon. The story revolves around April Thursday who is not only fun and courageous but also energetic as well. April is a student at the Rocky Ford Elementary School where the 4th grade can be really daunting with a teacher like Mr. McNoland and class bully like Bee West. Whether it is facing the challenges that the teachers put in front in terms of assignments or whether it is the fear of getting bullied, Rocky Ford Elementary School seems to offer a much frightening story for those who have just got promoted to the 4th grade. The journey of April is based on the immense support that she gets from her two best friends namely St. Patrick and Valentine. The empirical knowledge that the author puts into use comes from her experience of teaching the students of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade for 7 years. After writing her award-winning poem named ‘Misunderstood’, she went on to attend Georgia Southern University for the purpose for pursuing Early Childhood Education. Her stories took a new turn after the birth of her daughter Yuri.

Praising the offerings of the book, one of the spokespersons comments, “Great book, wonderful read, 4th graders will love reading this book.” Such testimonials are the true reflection of the repeated engrossment that the book has been designed to offer with the experience.

Penning books that are based on her every day teaching experiences, she takes pride in having books that unravel the opportunity for one to have an inspiring and uplifting message. In her bid to help students who struggle with problems like low self-esteem or have a Spartan character, she has gone beyond the call of duty to help those kids to get out of the problems.

About A Month And A Day Meet April Thursday:
A Month and a Day Meet April Thursday, launched by Britney Harris, has been penned around April Thursday and her life at the Rocky Ford Elementary School.

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