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Qaliprod Is All Set To Make ‘Catastrophe’ By Jean-Luc Bernier To Become A Part Of American Film Festivals

Cinema has no language and there are no two ways about it. There are endless films that are being made every day and when it is good cinema, it is the thematically established connection, the message, the gripping factor, which makes audience to take a bow and language doesn’t seem to be a barrier. Qualiprod is one of the entertainment hubs where a dynamic group of talented and creative people produce and promote films, video games and ensures that the international film festivals can showcase such wonderful films and maximize its reach to the real cine lovers. The brainchild of Qualiprod, Omar Quali is all set to make the new Belgium film titled ‘Catastrophe’ by Jean-luc Bernier gain exposure, watched and loved by audience.

This new Belgium film has its plot weaved around how the first Africans were treated when they made it to Europe, the place dominated by the whites. On the other hand, this film probes into the lives of Africans in America – their survival challenges and expedition. It is a very sensitive topic that has been dealt with poise and dignity by the ace director Jean-luc Bernier. The director with his craftsmanship has portrayed a gripping tale about the Africans and every frame defines precision with the performance-packed acting reaching new heights. The French people are sure to enjoy this Belgium film and it deserves a place in the American festivals. It is going to be a real treat for the movie lovers.

About Qualiprod
The entertainment house, Qualiprod headed by Omar Quali is making efforts to make the ‘Catastrophe’ by Jean-luc Bernier, a Belgium film, secure a spot in American film festivals, gaining recognition and applause.

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