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The Michael Foster Experience Presents Critically Acclaimed Short Films In Reel Lyfe Cinema Vol. 1

“Reel Lyfe Cinema vol. 1″ is a Feature length compilation of short films written, directed, and produced by award winning filmmaker Michael “Lyfelong” Foster that deals with socially themed issues the entire way across the board.  This approach at releasing a compilation of short films as a feature length project is unprecedented for an indie filmmaker.

These movies were screened on the national and international film festival circuit from Martha’s Vineyard, Las Vegas, San Diego, Montreal, Toronto and more.  The project in general stands up to issues from police brutality, the 2016 United States election, rape, and homelessness. This project is an awesome show of what the gifted best in class film maker is able to do. Michael additionally flaunts his acting abilities on a couple of the shorts as well.

The project is accessible for download at https://gum.co/fGslL combined with a remarkable offering point. For a limited time you will have the alternative to pay what you’d like for this compilation project as Michael feels you’ll be altogether entertained by the content. Simply tap the “I Want This” button, then enter your cost in the “name your price” area. On the likelihood that you simply want to just download the venture and leave a tip at a later time essentially enter a “0″, and fill in your email address.

Media Contact:
The Michael Foster Experience
Owner – Michael “Lyfelong” Foster
Email – TheMichaelFoster@gmail.com
Website: http://www.themichaelfosterexperience.com/
Product URL – https://gum.co/fGslL
YouTube link- https://youtu.be/2w292DU_-ic


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